What Is The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

In many instances it is not easy to maintain a clean toilet bowl. It is particularly difficult  if you are using hard water or/and dealing with stains. If this is the case, using the best toilet bowl cleaner is very important. Following are some guidelines to easily maintain a clean toilet.

1) Make sure  you chose  the correct toilet cleaner for your situation. The one you pick makes a big difference, as some are far more effective than others. Just make sure you read reviews of any cleaner before buying it, in order to avoid wasting money. Whichever you choose, be sure that you thoroughly wash the bottom and rim area of the toilet when cleaning. The rim is critical because this is the location the water comes in and where the plaque deposits build up.

2) Use a pumas (pumice) stone for harder toilet cleaning jobs. This is an organic cleaner and it is very effective.

With the majority of toilets, usually using a hard bristled brush is good enough, but in several scenarios, it might be necessary to utilize a more powerful item. Most people do not realize this, but the pumas stone is actually quite soft, which enables you to scrub very effectively without having to worry about scratching up the porcelain. It also is ideal for using on sinks. Just be certain to avoid using anything metal or a flat head on the porcelain, as this will cause scratches to it that you will never be able to remove.

3) Should the stain you are attempting to get rid of be at or below water level, it might be wise to allow the toilet bowl cleaner to soak for 10 hours or so. The ideal time to do this is right before going to bed. There are a number of good cleaners for this kind of job, and again reading reviews is the way to go. Be sure to wear gloves and eye wear when toilet bowl cleaning, because all these cleaners contain powerful chemicals that could harm you.

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